India ranks 135 out of 146 in Global Gender Gap Index

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The World Economic Forum's (WEF) Annual Gender Gap Report 2022 was released on 13 July in Geneva. India is ranked 135th out of 146 countries in the Global Gender Gap Index, 2022.

India's position

  • India is the worst performing country in the world in the "Health and Survival" sub-index, where it ranks 146th.

  • India ranks worse than its neighbours and is behind Bangladesh (71), Nepal (96), Sri Lanka (110), Maldives (117) and Bhutan (126).

  • In South Asia, only Iran (143), Pakistan (145) and Afghanistan (146) performed worse than India.

  • In 2021, India was ranked 140 out of a total of 156 countries in the index.

The top 10 Countries

  • Iceland (90.8%) leads the global ranking.

  • Other Scandinavian countries such as Finland (86%, second), Norway (84.5%, third) and Sweden (82.2%) figure in the top five.

  • Sub-Saharan African countries Rwanda (81.1%, 6th) and Namibia (80.7%, 8th), a Latin American country, Nicaragua (81%, 7th), and a country from East Asia and the Pacific, New Zealand (84.1%, 4th) ranked in the top 10.

  • Other European countries such as Ireland (80.4%) and Germany (80.1%) are ranked ninth and tenth.

4 key dimensions

  1. Political Empowerment

This includes metrics such as the percentage of women in Parliament.

  1. Economic Participation and Opportunity

The metrics involved are, percentage of women who are part of the labor force, pay parity for equal work, earned income, etc.

  1. Educational Attainment

It includes metrics such as literacy rate and enrollment rate in primary, secondary and tertiary education.

  1. Health and Survival

This includes two metrics: the sex ratio at birth (in %) and healthy life expectancy (in years).

About Global Gender Gap Index

  • It is annually published by the World Economic Forum (WEF).

  • It was first introduced in 2006 to benchmark progress towards gender equality.

  • It is the 16th edition of the Global Gender Gap Report.

  • It tracks the progress of bridging the gender gap over time.

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