India-UK conclude fifth round of FTA talks

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India and the United Kingdom (UK) concluded the fifth round of talks for an FTA on the 29th of last month.

Important facts

  • In the fifth round of talks, technical experts from both sides came together to discuss 15 policy areas.

  • Currently, India is holding FTA talks with some of its trading partners including the European Union, Canada and Israel.

Consensus between both countries

  • Officials in India and the UK will continue to work intensively throughout the summer to finalize talks on a comprehensive and balanced free trade agreement by the end of October 2022.

  • UK agrees to end duties on Indian rice and textile items.

  • India may allow duty-free entry of British apples, medical equipment and machinery manufactured in the UK.

  • India initially proposed an early harvest agreement or interim FTA that would be ready by Diwali.

  • Through this agreement, India-UK bilateral trade is estimated to double to about $100 billion by 2030.

  • An agreement is also expected to be reached on mutual recognition of higher education qualifications.

  • India is likely to get more skill visas, as the UK currently faces a shortage of experts in the IT and programming sectors.

  • The India-UK FTA agreement is also expected to give a boost to the domestic textile sectors.

What is Free Trade Agreement (FTA)?

  • Under this agreement, customs duties, regulatory laws, subsidies and quotas etc. are simplified on the products under import-export between two countries.

  • Its main objective is to simplify trade.

  • A major advantage of FTA is that the cost of production of the two countries between which this agreement is made becomes cheaper as compared to other countries.

  • This encourages trade and gives impetus to the economy.

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