India witnesses significant decline in Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR)

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India witnesses significant decline in Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR)

As per a report released by the Registrar General of India on 30 November India has witnessed a significant decline in the Maternal Mortality Ratio (MMR)  from 130 in 2014-16 to 97 in 2018-20 on per lakh live births.  

Important facts

  • As per the report MMR has improved further by a spectacular six points and now stands at 97 per lakh live births. 

  • The MMR  is defined as the number of maternal deaths during a given time period per one lakh live births. 

  • India has thus met the National Health Policy target of an MMR of less than 100 per lakh live births and is on course to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal of an MMR of less than 70 per lakh live births by 2030.

Three highest MMR State

  • Assam has the highest maternal mortality rate (MMR) at 195, followed by Madhya Pradesh at 173 and Uttar Pradesh at 167 (per lakh live births).

States with lowest MMR

  • Kerala has the lowest MMR of 19 per lakh live births, followed by Maharashtra 33 and Telangana 43.

States which have achieved Sustainable Development Goal (SDG) target

  • Kerala (MMR 19), followed by Maharashtra (33), Telangana (43), Andhra Pradesh (45), Tamil Nadu (54), Jharkhand (56), Gujarat (57) and Karnataka (69).

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