International Jaguar Day

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International Jaguar Day

International Jaguar Day is observed every year on 29 November worldwide to raise awareness about the increasing threats facing the jaguar and the critical conservation efforts ensuring its survival from Mexico to Argentina. 

Important facts

  • The day is celebrated as a symbol of biodiversity conservation, sustainable development and the centuries-old cultural heritage of Central and South America.

  • International Jaguar Day was celebrated on 29 November by the National Zoological Park, New Delhi (Delhi Zoo) in India.

  • Jaguar is the third largest Cat Predator in the World and an important species of the Amazon Rainforest.

  • It is the largest wild cat in America.

  • The day aims to draw attention to the need to conserve jaguar corridors and their habitats as part of efforts to achieve the United Nations' Sustainable Development Goals.

Background of the day

  • In March 2018 representatives from 14 range countries gathered in New York at United Nations’ Headquarters for the Jaguar 2030 Forum. 

  • The Forum resulted in the Jaguar 2030 Statement, which outlined a wide range of internationally collaborative jaguar conservation initiatives.

  • Several countries, including Brazil, are also celebrating National Jaguar Day, which has recognized the jaguar as a symbol of biodiversity.

  • Among those seeking to celebrate Jaguar Day were Dr. Alan Rabinowitz, co-founder and former CEO and chief scientist of Panthera, a global wild cat conservation organisation.

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