India's Aditya-L1 Solar Observatory Mission Launched Successfully

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On 2 September 2023, India's first solar observatory mission, Aditya-L1, was successfully launched from the Sriharikota Space Centre.

An Overview of the News

  • The mission took off at sharp 11:50 a.m., setting off on a 125-day journey to study the Sun.

  • The PSLV C57, an XL version with extended strap-on motors and higher fuel capacity, was used for this mission.

  • All flight parameters were normal, ensuring a safe start of the mission.

  • Aditya L1 will reach the Lagrange 1 point in four months, where unique gravitational forces are at work.

Objectives and scope of Aditya L1 mission

  • The primary objective of the Aditya L1 mission is to conduct comprehensive studies of the solar winds and the Sun's atmosphere.

  • The satellite carries seven different payloads whose task is to observe different layers of the Sun, including the photosphere, chromosphere and the outermost corona.

  • The mission aims to increase our understanding of many solar phenomena, such as coronal heating, coronal mass ejections (CMEs), pre-flare and flare activities, as well as solar weather dynamics.

  • Additionally, the mission will contribute to the investigation of particle and field propagation within the interplanetary medium.

Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO):

  • It was established on 15 August 1969.

  • It is the national space agency of India. It launches its space rocket from the Satish Dhawan Space Center in Sriharikota, Andhra Pradesh.

  • Headquarters - Bengaluru

  • Chairman - S Somnath

Important Points:

  • Since 1999, India has successfully launched 431 foreign satellites from 36 different countries using its indigenous rockets.

  • Most of these satellite launches were done using the PSLV (Polar Satellite Launch Vehicle) rocket.

  • Notably, the PSLV rocket achieved a remarkable feat by deploying 104 satellites into orbit in a single flight.

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