Israel Parliament Approves Bill Limiting Supreme Court's Power

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Israel's parliament approved a bill in its first reading that aims to limit the Supreme Court's oversight powers.

An Overview of the News

  • The bill received a majority of 64 to 56 in favor of the proposed limit, with Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's far-right ruling coalition overwhelming the opposition.

  • The bill is part of a controversial judicial reform initiated by Netanyahu's government, raising concerns about the erosion of checks and balances within the government system.

  • The bill still needs two more votes to become law. With Netanyahu's ruling coalition holding a 64-seat majority in parliament, the bill is likely to pass. If this happens, there is a possibility of intensifying the protests.

  • The Bill aims to limit the power of the Supreme Court to invalidate decisions taken by the government, ministries and elected officials as unreasonable.

About Israel

  • Capital - Jerusalem

  • Prime Minister - Benjamin Netanyahu

  • Official language - Hebrew

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