Nelson Mandela International Day - 18 July

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Nelson Mandela Day is observed on 18 July each year to honour Nelson Mandela, a prominent anti-apartheid activist of South Africa and the country's first democratically elected president.

An Overview of the News

  • The theme for Nelson Mandela International Day 2023 is "Climate, Food and Solidarity".

  • This year the focus is on taking action against climate change and creating a food-friendly environment in solidarity with communities around the world affected by climate crises.

  • The call to action for 2023 is"It's in Your Hands," encouraging individuals and organizations to actively participate in addressing climate change and supporting vulnerable communities.

History of Nelson Mandela International Day

  • In 2009, the United Nations declared 18 July as Nelson Mandela Day to recognize his significant contributions and celebrate his achievements.

  • Mandela played an important role in ending the apartheid system in South Africa and promoting multiracial democracy.

  • The first celebration of Nelson Mandela Day took place on 18 July 2010, Mandela's 92nd birthday.

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