National Cancer Awareness Day

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National Cancer Awareness Day

National Cancer Awareness Day is celebrated in India on 7th November, the purpose of this day is to focus on prevention and early detection of cancer.

Important facts

  • According to the WHO, about 70% of cancer deaths occur in low- and middle-income countries.

  • Cancer is a non-communicable disease and the second leading cause of death globally.

  • About 1.1 million new cases of cancer are reported every year in India.

  • Two-thirds of cancer cases are diagnosed in the late stages, reducing the chances of survival for patients.

  • Several programs have been launched to enhance research on cancer prevention and early detection.

  • In the case of cancer, the cells of the body grow uncontrollably.

Background of National Cancer Awareness Day

  • National Cancer Awareness Day is observed on 7 November to commemorate the birth anniversary of Nobel laureate scientist Madame Curie.

  • Marie Curie, who was born in Warsaw, Poland, in 1867, is known for discovering radium and polonium and for making significant contributions to the fight against cancer.

  • Her research resulted in the development of nuclear energy and radiotherapy to treat cancer.

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