Quad cyber group meeting to strengthen cyber security cooperation

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Quad cyber group meeting to strengthen cyber security cooperation

A meeting of the Quad Senior Cyber Group was held in New Delhi to strengthen cyber security cooperation on 30-31 January.

An overview of the news

  • The heads of the Quad Senior Cyber Group, along with their inter-agency delegations, met in New Delhi to discuss cyber security cooperation and a collective approach to enhancing resilience.

  • During the meeting, participants discussed sharing threat information, identifying and assessing potential risks in supply chains for digitally enabled products and services, and aligning baseline software security requirements.

  • The group also discussed cyber security capacity building for Quad members and for partners in the Indo-Pacific region.

  • The meeting discussed how Quad members can prevent cyber incidents and respond to such cyber incidents along with building national and international capabilities for security.

QUAD or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue 

  • Quad or Quadrilateral Security Dialogue is a group of four countries US, Japan, Australia and India. 

  • The concept of QUAD was given by former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe in 2007 for maritime cooperation between these countries after the Indian Ocean Tsunami disaster in 2004. 

  • Now the group is mainly seen as a group to counter the Chinese influence in the region.

  • The 2022 Quad summit meeting was held in Japan and next will be held in Australia in 2023. 

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