Women's Equality Day

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Every year 26 August is celebrated as Women's Equality Day with the aim of strengthening the status of women all over the world and giving them equal rights and respect as men in every sphere of society.


  • Celebrating this day started in America but now many countries including India celebrate Women's Equality Day.
  • On August 26, 1920, in America, women got the right to vote for the first time through the 19th Constitutional Amendment.

  • Earlier there women had the status of second class citizens.

  • From the year 1971, 26 August was celebrated as 'Women's Equality Day' due to the efforts of Bella Abzug, a woman lawyer who constantly struggled to get equal status for women.

  • New Zealand is the first country in the world to introduce 'Women's Equality' in the year 1893.

Women rights in india :

1- Equal pay right :-

  • There can be no gender discrimination in the payment of income or wages under this law. That is, any working woman has the right to get a salary equal to the man working in that post.

2- Maternity Benefit Law :-

  • Under this Act, implemented in 1961, a working woman has the right to take 6 months leave from office in the event of becoming a mother. The company cannot deduct the salary of a female employee on maternity leave or leave during pregnancy.

3- Right to Property :-

  • Sons are considered to be the total lineage of the father and the family in India. However, under the Hindu Succession (Amendment) Act, 2005 both the son and the daughter have equal rights over the father's property or ancestral property.

4-Right not to be identified :-

  • The Indian law gives women the right to protect their privacy. Under this, if a woman is a victim of sexual harassment, she can keep her identity confidential and can record her statement alone in the presence of a district magistrate and a woman police officer.

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