World Sexual Health Day

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September 4 is observed as World Sexual Health Day annually.


  • The day is an initiative of the World Association for Sexual Health (WAS) to raise awareness and promote healthy sexual practices.
  • WAS is a global organization committed to promoting best practices in sexual health.

  • The day has been observed since 2010.

  • Sex and existence go hand in hand, talking about sex has been taboo across nations, religions and cultures.

  • In the absence of a free and safe forum to discuss sex, often people – especially the youth – indulge in unsafe practices that are harmful to physical and mental health.

Theme of 2022 :

  • The theme of World Sexual Health Day of 2022 is ‘Let’s Talk Pleasure’. 

  • The topic identifies the role of sexual pleasure in overall sexual health and well-being.

  • "Sexuality" is one of the strongest energies man possesses.

  • It is a drive that fills man with joy and energy.

What is sexual health? 

  • It involves the state of physical, mental and social well-being in relation to sexuality.

  • Sexual health isn't just about relationships.

  • Our sexual health affects medical issues, education, and sexual behavior.

Sexual rights :

  • equality and non-discrimination

  • autonomy and physical integrity

  • To be free from all forms of violence and coercion

  • privacy

  • Highest attainable standard of health, including sexual health

  • accurate information

  • education

  • decision to have children

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