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6th Indian Ocean Conference- 2023

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6th Indian Ocean Conference- 2023

The 6th Indian Ocean Conference (IOC) is taking place in Dhaka, Bangladesh from May 12-13, 2023.

An overview of the news

  • The sixth edition of the conference is being organized by the India F   oundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Bangladesh and the S Rajaratnam School of International Studies.

  • The theme of this year's conference is 'Partnership for Peace, Prosp erity and a Resilient Future'.

  • The conference was inaugurated by Bangladesh Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina.

  • According to Bangladesh Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Shaha ryar Alam, around 150 foreign guests including representatives from D8, SAARC and BIMSTEC will participate in the conference.

  • The IOC is expected to provide a forum for discussion on a wide range of issues related to the Indian Ocean including trade, security, climate change and regional connectivity.

  • The summit is an important event for Bangladesh, as it showcases t he country's growing role in regional affairs and highlights efforts to promote peace, stability and prosperity in the Indian Ocean region.

Aim of the conference

  • The aim of the conference is to bring together high-level government delegations and think tanks from around 25 countries to discuss ways to strengthen cooperation among countries in the Indi an Ocean region.

About Indian Ocean Conference

  • It has been launched by the Delhi-based think tank India Foundation along with its partners from Singapore, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh.

  • The aim of the conference is to bring together Heads of States/Governments, Ministers, thought leaders, scholars, diplomats,        bureaucrats and practitioners from across the region on a single platform.

International Day of Plant Health -12 May

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International Day of Plant Health is observed every year on 12 May.

An overview of the news

  • The day was announced by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2019 to raise awareness about the importance of protecting plant health for the well-being of people, the environment and the economy.

  • Plant health is important for ensuring food security, protecting biodiversity, and preventing the spread of pests and diseases that harm plants, animals, and humans.

  • The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the United Nations is leading global efforts to promote plant health and prevent the spread of pests and diseases.

  • FAO works with governments, farmers, researchers and other stakeholders to develop and implement strategies to manage plant pests and diseases and to ensure the health and productivity of crops and forests.

  • The theme for International Day of Plant Health 2023 is "Plant Health for All: Protecting Plants, Protecting Life."

Purpose of the day

  • The day aims to raise awareness of the importance of protecting plants from pests and diseases and to encourage action at all levels to improve plant health.

  • It also recognizes the work of plant health professionals, scientists and farmers in protecting the health of plants and ensuring a sustainable future for all.

Background of the day

  • The day was announced by the United Nations General Assembly in December 2019.

  • The first International Day of Plant Health was observed in 2020.

Supreme Court rules in favour of Delhi Govt in tussle with Centre

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The Supreme Court on May 11 ruled unanimously in favour of the Delhi government on the issue of who controls the bureaucracy in the national capital.

An overview of the news

  • A 5-judge constitution bench headed by Chief Justice DY Chandrachud held that in Delhi (National Capital Territory), all powers relating to services and administration, except in areas outside the legislative powers, would rest with the elected government.

  • However, the authority of police, public order and land will remain with the Centre.

  • The court said that this decision would uphold the basic structure of federalism and democracy.

Background of the case

  • A five-judge constitution bench of the Supreme Court was hearing the dispute between theDelhi government and the central government.

  • The dispute was over matters relating totransfer and control over the overall functioning of administrative services in the National Capital Territory (NCT) of Delhi.

  • Administrative services include appointments and transfers in the national capital.

  • In 2018, a five-judge constitution bench headed by then Chief Justice Dipak Misra laid down broad principles governing relations between Delhi and the Center and ruled in favor of the Delhi government on most issues.

  • However, the important issue of service was left unresolved after two judges gave a split verdict in 2019.

  • After this the issue was referred to a three-judge constitution bench and then to a five-judge constitution bench, which has now settled it.

Highlights of the court verdict

  • A five-judge Supreme Court bench unanimously ruled in favor of the Delhi governmenton the issue of who has control over the bureaucracy in the national capital.

  • Earlier, the bureaucracy was controlled by the Lieutenant Governor, the Chief Secretary and the Secretary of the Services Department.

  • The Supreme Court unanimously ruled that the LG cannot have comprehensive administrative powers on all issues related to Delhi.

  • The LG's powers do not give him the right to interfere with the legislative powers of the Delhi Assembly and the elected government.

  • The posting and transfer of officers will be with the Delhi government.

  • Theelected government should have the right to administrative service.

  • The Lieutenant Governor will have to follow the advice of the government.

  • The authority of police, public order and land will remain with the center.

Smriti Zubin Irani launches “Poshan Bhi, Padhai Bhi”

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Poshan Bhi, Padhai BhiUnion Women and Child Development Minister, Smriti Zubin Irani launched “Poshan Bhi, Padhai Bhi”, an Early Childhood Care and Education program under Mission Saksham Anganwadi and Poshan 2.0 on 12th May.

An overview of the news

  • Under this campaign, work will be done in Anganwadis across the country to provide nutrition as well as better education to children in the age group of 3 to 6 years.

  • There are about 13 lakh 90 thousand Anganwadis across the country, in which work is being done to provide better nutrition as well as better education to the students.

  • Anganwadi workers are being trained by NIPCID regarding the mental development of children aged 3 to 6 years under the National Education Policy 2020.

  • More than 51 lakh activities have been conducted by the Ministry in Gram Panchayats, as well as emphasis is being laid on early education for children coming to Anganwadis through toys made in India.

About Saksham Anganwadi and Poshan 2.0

  • The scheme was approved by the Government of India for implementation during the 15th Finance Commission period 202l-22 to 2025-26.

  • It is an Integrated Nutrition Support Programme. 

  • It has been implemented to address the challenges of malnutrition among children, adolescent girls, pregnant women and lactating mothers.

  • The restructured scheme consists of ICDS, POSHAN Abhiyaan, Scheme for Adolescent Girls (SAG) and National Creche Scheme. 

Objectives of Poshan 2.0

  • Address challenges of malnutrition

  • Contribute to the development of human capital of the country

  • Promote nutrition awareness and good eating habits for better health

  • Addressing nutritional deficiencies through key strategies

Monkeypox no longer a global health emergency: World Health Organization

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Monkeypox no longer a global health emergency: World Health Organization

The World Health Organization declared the end of a global health emergency on 11 May for the rare but potentially serious disease mpox, formerly known as monkeypox.

An overview of the news

  • According to WHO Director-General Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, countries have reported about 90% fewer cases in the past three months.

  • The emergency declaration was issued in July 2022 amid a major global surge in cases.

  • Mpox belongs to the family of poxviruses, which also includes smallpox, and people with the disease often develop a rash on various parts of the body.

  • According to WHO, since January 2022, there have been more than 87,000 mpox cases and 140 deaths in 111 countries.

What Is Monkeypox?

  • It is a viral zoonotic disease that is transmitted from animals to humans. 

  • Monkeypox virus is an orthopoxvirus similar to smallpox.

  • It has been identified as a smallpox-like disease in monkeys, hence it is called monkeypox.

  • It was first observed in 1958, in monkeys in the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC), and in humans in 1970.

  • The disease outbreak in Nigeria in 2017 was the largest ever.

  • The monkeypox virus mutates at a high rate but is treatable once symptoms appear.

Symptom of disease

  • Fever, intense headache, muscle aches, back pain, low energy, swollen lymph nodes and a skin rash or lesions.

  • Infected people develop a rash resembling smallpox.

  • In the early stages of the disease, monkeypox and smallpox can be differentiated because the monkeypox lymph gland enlarges.

Transmission of disease

  • It spreads through close face to face, skin to skin and direct contact.

  • The disease can be spread through contact with bodily fluids, sores on the skin or internal mucous surfaces, such as the mouth or throat, respiratory droplets and contaminated objects.

Treatment and Vaccine

  • There is no specific treatment or vaccine available for monkeypox infection.

  • The anti-smallpox vaccine has been shown to be 85% effective in preventing monkeypox.

CBIC rolls out Automated Return Scrutiny Module for GST returns

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Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs

The Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC) has recently launched the Automated Return Scrutiny Module for GST returns.

An overview of the news

  • This module will enable tax officers to scrutinize GST returns of centrally administered taxpayers based on data analytics and risks identified by the system.

  • The module identifies discrepancies in the returns and shows them to the tax officer, who can communicate with the taxpayer through the GSTN Common Portal to resolve any issues.

  • The Automated Return Scrutiny Module will help in streamlining the GST return scrutiny process and ensure that it is more efficient, transparent and effective.

  • According to the Finance Ministry, the introduction of this module is a significant step towards creating a more technology-driven tax administration system, which will not only improve compliance but also reduce the compliance burden for taxpayers.

About Central Board of Indirect Taxes and Customs (CBIC)

  • In India, it is a part of the Department of Revenue under the Ministry of Finance.

  • CBIC is responsible for the administration of indirect taxes such as GST, Customs Duty and Excise Duty in India.

  • The board was formed in 2019 as a result of the merger of the Central Board of Excise and Customs (CBEC) and the Central Board of Direct Taxes (CBDT).

  • CBIC is headed by a Chairman who is assisted by a number of members responsible for various areas such as GST, Customs, Legal and Administration.

  • The main functions of CBIC include policy-making, implementation, and administration of indirect taxes, and prevention of smuggling and evasion of taxes.

  • CBIC works towards creating a fair and efficient tax administration system, which is transparent and taxpayer friendly.

  • CBIC plays a vital role in ensuring compliance of tax laws and regulations in India.

International Nurses Day - 12 May

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International Nurses Day-12 MayInternational Nurses Day is celebrated on 12 May across the world to honour the services of nurses.

An Overview of the News

  • The day is celebrated to commemorate the birth anniversary of Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing and a renowned English social reformer and statistician.

  • Florence Nightingale is known as the "Lady with the Lamp".

  • This year the theme of International Nurses Day 2023 is "Our Nurses, Our Future".

  • The theme for International Nurses Day 2022 is "Nurses: A Voice to Lead – Invest in Nursing and Respect Rights to Secure Global Health".

  • International Nurses Week is celebrated from May 6 to May 12 in many hospitals around the world.

  • Various activities including yoga sessions and seminars are organised during this week to recognize and support nurses.

Background of the day

  • Florence Nightingale was born on May 12, 1820, in Florence, Italy and is widely regarded as the forerunner of modern nursing.

  • In 1974, the International Council of Nurses (ICN) proposed 12 May as International Nurses Day and since then it is celebrated globally.

  • The theme of International Nurses Day changes every year with the aim of highlighting the important contribution of nurses to the healthcare system and society.

  • The day serves as an opportunity to recognize and appreciate the selfless service of nurses who work tirelessly to care for patients, save lives, and promote health and wellness.

Rhythm Sangwan wins bronze medal in air pistol event at ISSF World Cup 2023 in Baku

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Rhythm SangwanRhythm Sangwan representing India won a bronze medal in the women's 10m air pistol event at the ISSF World Cup 2023 in Baku, Azerbaijan.

An Overview of the News

  • Sangwan shot 219.1 in the final round to finish third on the podium.

  • Anna Korakiaki of Greece, the 2016 Rio Olympic champion, won the gold medal, while Olena Kostevich, the 2004 Athens Olympic gold medalist of Ukraine, won the silver medal.

ISSF World Cup:

  • It was started in 1986 by the International Shooting Sport Federation (ISSF).

  • Its primary purpose is to provide a standardised qualification system for the Olympic shooting competitions.

  • It is a famous competition for rifle and pistol shooters from all over the world.

  • It provides a platform for athletes to showcase their skills and compete at the highest level.

About Azerbaijan

  • It is a nation and former Soviet republic located between the Caspian Sea and the Caucasus Mountains.

  • The capital city, Baku, is famous for its mediaeval walled Inner City.

  • Azerbaijan has hosted international events such as the Eurovision Song Contest and the Formula 1 Grand Prix.

President - Ilham Aliyev

Vice President - Mehriban Aliyeva

Prime Minister - Ali Asadov

National Assembly Speaker - Sahiba Gafarova

Yashasvi Jaiswal scores fastest IPL 50

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 Yashasvi Jaiswal

Rajasthan Royals opener Yashasvi Jaiswal etched his name in history by becoming the fastest fifty in the Indian Premier League against Kolkata Knight Riders on 12 May.

An overview of the news

  • Chasing 149, Jaiswal created history by scoring 50 off just 13 balls, surpassing KL Rahul's 14-ball fifty in 2018. He also went past KKR's Pat Cummins, who scored a 14-ball fifty in 2022.

  • Yashasvi hit three sixes and seven fours in the first 50 runs.

  • Batting first after losing the toss, Kolkata scored 149 runs losing eight wickets in 20 overs.

  • The record of scoring the most runs in the first over of the innings is in the name of Mumbai Indians. He scored 27 runs in the very first over against Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2011. These include seven extras. Rajasthan is at number two.

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