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Renowned political cartoonist Ajit Ninan passes away

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Renowned political cartoonist Ajit Ninan passed away at the age of 68.

An Overview of the News 

  • Ajit Ninan was widely recognized for his contributions, including the famous "CentreStage" series in India Today magazine and "Ninan's World" in The Times of India.

  • In addition to his political cartoons, Ninan was known for his work in children's literature.

  • One of his favorite creations of the 1980s was Detective Moochwala and his dog Pooch, which appeared in the youth magazine Target.

  • Ajit Ninan's political cartoons are known for their bold and humorous stances on various subjects, including satire on both the ruling government and the opposition.

  • He also used his artistic talents to address environmental issues and create memorable caricatures.

About Ajit Ninan

  • Ajit Ninan is best known for his work on "Ajit Ninan's Funny World", which was published in Target magazine.

  • They were called "Just Like That!" Also known for. Which was published daily in the Times of India.

  • With Jug Suraiya, he sang "Like That's Only!" Co-wrote. Which was published bi-weekly in the Times of India.

  • During the 2009 Indian general elections, he produced a series of cartoons, "Poli Tricks", which was published in The Times of India.

  • Additionally, he collaborated with Sunil Agarwal on the single-panel cartoon strip "iToons" in The Times of India.

President Draupadi Murmu will inaugurate the Ayushman Bhava campaign

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President Draupadi Murmu will inaugurate the Ayushman Bhava campaign on September 13, 2023, for universal healthcare access.

An Overview of the News 

  • Union Health Minister Dr. Mansukh Mandaviya announced the initiative at a media briefing in New Delhi.

  • The Ayushman Bhava campaign aims to provide comprehensive health services by ensuring coverage for every village and town across India.

  • Its objective is to ensure that no person is deprived of access to health services.

  • The campaign is a collaborative effort led by Gram Panchayats in coordination with the Health Department, other government departments, and local elected bodies in both rural and urban areas.

The Ayushman Bhava campaign consists of three primary components:

  1. Ayushman - Apke Dwar 3.0:  Bringing health services directly to people's homes.

  2. Ayushman Melas: Health fairs at health and wellness centers and community health centers.

  3. Ayushman Sabhas: Community assemblies in each village and panchayat focused on healthcare-related discussions and initiatives.

Implementation Timeline:

  • The Ayushman Bhava campaign will be implemented during Seva Pakhwada (Service Fortnight) from September 17 (Prime Minister Narendra Modi's birthday) to October 2 (Gandhi Jayanti).

Social welfare scheme “Kalaignar Magalir Urimai Thogai Thittam” to be launched by Tamil Nadu Government

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Tamil Nadu government will provide monthly assistance of Rs 1,000 to more than 1 crore female family heads through Kalaignar Magalir Urimai Thogai Thittam.

An Overview of the News 

  • Chief Minister MK Stalin officially announced the scheme, with the launch date set for September 15.

  • The scheme aims to provide Rs 1,000 per month to 1.06 crore eligible women who are heads of families.

  • Beneficiaries will receive financial assistance through direct bank transfers and will be provided with ATM cards for easy access.

  • The government emphasizes on effective implementation and will use SMS notifications to communicate with beneficiaries.

  • Out of 1.63 crore applications received, 1.06 crore have been accepted, highlighting the substantial impact of the scheme.

About Tamil Nadu

  • The state was formed on 26 January 1950 but its boundaries were redrawn on 14 January 1969.

  • It is located at the mouth of the Arabian Sea, Bay of Bengal, and Indian Ocean.

  • Governor - Ravindra Narayan Ravi

  • Chief Minister - M.K.Stalin

  • Assembly seats - 235 seats

  • Rajya Sabha seats - 18

  • Lok Sabha seats - 39

RBI approves the reappointment of Sandeep Bakshi as MD & CEO of ICICI Bank

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The Reserve Bank of India (RBI) approved the reappointment of Sandeep Bakshi as the Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer (MD and CEO) of ICICI Bank.

An Overview of the News

  • The RBI approval, received through an exchange filing on September 11, has extended the tenure of Sandeep Bakshi as MD and CEO of ICICI Bank from October 4, 2023, to October 3, 2026.

  • Sandeep Bakshi has been leading ICICI Bank since October 15, 2018, and before that, he served as a full-time director and Chief Operating Officer (COO).

  • Bakshi has a tenure of 36 years in ICICI Group and has held various important positions.

About ICICI Bank Limited:

  • ICICI Bank Limited is an Indian multinational bank and financial services company.

  • The Bank offers a wide range of banking products and financial services to both corporate and retail customers.

  • ICICI Bank has subsidiaries in the fields of investment banking, life and non-life insurance, venture capital, and asset management.

  • Additionally, it has a global presence,operating in 17 countries.

  • It also has branches in the United States, Singapore, Bahrain, Hong Kong, Qatar, Oman, Dubai International Finance Centre, China and South Africa.

  • In addition, the bank has representative offices in the United Arab Emirates, Bangladesh, Malaysia, and Indonesia.

  • Established - 5January 1994

  • Headquarters - Mumbai, Maharashtra, India, (Registered Office at Vadodara, Gujarat)

Union Minister Harsh Shanghvi grants Indian citizenship to 108 Pakistani migrants in Ahmedabad

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On September 12, 2023, in Ahmedabad, Union Minister Harsh Shanghvi provided citizenship to 108 migrants from Pakistan.

An Overview of the News

  • The right to grant Indian citizenship to minority communities from Afghanistan, Bangladesh, and Pakistan came through gazette notifications issued in 2016 and 2018.

  • The district collectors of Ahmedabad, Gandhinagar, and Kutch in Gujarat are empowered to follow the process under the Citizenship Act for granting Indian citizenship.

  • Ahmedabad District Collectorate has already granted Indian citizenship to about 1,149 Pakistani Hindu immigrants.

About Citizenship Act

  • Articles 5 to 11 under Part II of the Constitution address citizenship.

    • Article 5 - Citizenship at the commencement of the Constitution

    • Article 6 - Rights of citizenship of certain persons who have migrated to India from Pakistan

    • Article 7 - Rights of citizenship of certain migrants to Pakistan

    • Article 8 - Rights of citizenship of certain persons of Indian origin resident outside India

    • Article 9 - Persons who voluntarily acquire the citizenship of a foreign State not to be citizens

    • Article 10- Continuance of rights of citizenship

    • Article 11- Parliament shall regulate by law the right of citizenship

  • The Constitution recognizes those persons who became citizens of India upon its commencement on January 26, 1950.

  • It lacks detailed provisions for acquiring or losing citizenship after commencement.

  • The Constitution gives Parliament the right to make laws in matters related to citizenship.

  • Parliament enacted the Citizenship Act (1955) as the primary legal framework for citizenship.

  • Amendments to the Citizenship Act, including the repeal of the Commonwealth citizenship provision, were made through legislative acts such as the Citizenship (Amendment) Act of 2003.

Dennis Austin, co-creator of Microsoft PowerPoint, dies at 76

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Dennis Austin, one of the co-creators of Microsoft PowerPoint, has died at the age of 76.

An Overview of the News

  • Dennis Austin, along with Robert Gaskins, developed PowerPoint and introduced it in 1987.

  • Austin and Gaskins were both part of the software company Forethought, which was later acquired by Microsoft for $14 million shortly after the launch of PowerPoint, which was originally named Presenter.

  • Initially, PowerPoint was available exclusively for the Macintosh platform.

About Dennis R. Austin's career:

  • Dennis R. Austin was the lead software developer of PowerPoint from 1985 to 1996, focusing on versions for Apple Macintosh computers.

  • He began his career in the computer division of General Electric in Arizona, followed by positions at Honeywell in Massachusetts and Burroughs in California.

  • In late 1984 Forethought, Inc. He became a software developer for Gavilon Computer.

  • At Forethought, Robert Gaskins initiated the development of graphical presentation software that later became PowerPoint, with Austin as the lead developer.

  • Tom Rudkin joined the PowerPoint project and made significant programming contributions along with Austin.

  • Microsoft acquired Forethought in 1987, and Austin remained as the lead developer of PowerPoint until 1996.

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