Indian Navy Signs White Shipping Information Exchange agreement with New Zealand Navy

Tags: Defence

India Navy has signed a White Shipping Information Exchange agreement with the  Royal New Zealand Navy  during the visit of Chief of Naval Staff(CNS) Admiral Hari Kumar to New Zealand from 29 September to 01 October 22.

The White Information Shipping Exchange will facilitate closer collaboration towards enhancing shared Maritime Domain Awareness and will promote greater transparency in the maritime domain.

What is White shipping information 

White shipping information refers to exchange of relevant advance information on the identity and movement of commercial non-military merchant vessels.

The Indian Navy needs to be aware about the movement of various types of ships like fishing boats, merchant vessels etc.  Passing though the Indian region. 

Being aware of the identity of the ships passing through the region helps the Indian Navy in identifying any potential threat from the sea .. 

Awareness about the identity of the vessel by the Navy is called Maritime 

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