Monkeypox virus case confirmed in U.K.

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A case of monkeypox virus has been reported in Britain, a person who returned after travelling to Nigeria has been confirmed with monkeypox virus.

  • Monkeypox was first discovered in 1958.

  • According to the World Health Organisation, the first case of monkeypox was reported in humans in the year 1970.

  • What is monkeypox virus ?

  • Monkeypox is a disease caused by a virus that is transmitted mostly from rats and monkeys to humans.

  • The disease belongs to the orthopoxvirus genus, which includes variola virus, vaccinia virus, and cowpox virus.

  • Monkeypox is a zoonosis, meaning it is a disease that spreads from an infected animal to humans.

  • Symptoms of monkeypox

  • Dark red spots on the body.

  • Red rash on the skin.

  • flu symptoms.

  • symptoms of pneumonia.

  • Fever and headache.

  • Muscle pain.

  • To get cold

  • treatment 

  • There is no cure available for this disease. But smallpox vaccines, antivirals and VIG can be used to prevent this disease.

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