National Pollution Control Day

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National Pollution Control Day

National Pollution Control Day is observed on December 2 every year.

Important facts

  • The main purpose of organising this day is to spread awareness about the management and control of industrial disasters and to promote efforts towards preventing pollution arising due to industrial or human activities.

  • The day is dedicated to encourage the adoption of pollution control acts to prevent environmental pollution caused by human negligence and industrial emissions.

  • The day is observed in the memory of those who died in the Bhopal gas disaster in 1984 on 2 and 3 December.

  • On the night of December 2, 1984, there was a leakage of 'Methyl Isocyanite' gas from the plant of the American company Union Carbide India Limited, which converted the city of Bhopal into a giant gas chamber.

  • More than 15,000 people died due to the leakage of about 30 tonnes of methyl isocyanite gas and lakhs of people were affected by this horrific tragedy.

Significance of the day

  • This day is celebrated to create awareness among people to prevent any industrial disaster.

  • According to the National Health Portal of India, air pollution causes more than 7 million deaths worldwide every year, of which about 4 million are due to household air pollution.

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