Supreme Court seeks government’s response on ‘Project Great Indian Bustard’ conservation programme

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'ProjectGreat Indian Bustard'

The Supreme Court on November 28 sought the government's response on developing a conservation program called 'Project Great Indian Bustard' to address the crisis faced by the critically endangered bird species.

Important facts

  • A public interest litigation was filed in the country's top court, in which an appeal was made to give directions to save the Godavan i.e. Great Indian Bustard bird.

  • In fact, many Great Indian Bustards or Godavan have died due to criss-crossing of power transmission lines in Gujarat and Rajasthan.

  • While hearing the petitions filed in this context, the court sought answers from the government and advised to start Project Great Indian Bustard.

  • The Supreme Court has advised to start 'Project Great Indian Bustard' on the lines of 'Project Tiger' for the rescue of an endangered bird Great Indian Bustard.

About Great Indian Bustard

  • It is considered India's most critically endangered bird species and especially found in Rajasthan and Gujarat.

  • It is one of the heaviest flying birds endemic to the Indian subcontinent.

  • It is the state bird of Rajasthan.

  • These birds are on the verge of extinction, with barely 50 to 249 surviving, according to a 2021 report by the International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN).

  • It is a large bird with brown-and-white feathers with black crown and wing markings. It is one of the heaviest birds in the world.

  • Its habitat is Arid grasslands.

  • IUCN Status - Critically Endangered.

  • Listed in Wildlife Protection Act’s Schedule 1.

  • The cause of the decline in numbers is Hunting, Intensification of agriculture, Power lines.

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