Opening day of Summit for Democracy

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Theme of the Summit: “combating authoritarianism, fighting corruption and promoting human rights”

It has been organised by the State Department of the United States.

While inaugurating the summit the US President Joe Biden said that 

“Democracy doesn't happen by accident. We have to renew it with each generation,” in a message, which will bring together leaders of 100 countries, civil society and private sector representatives.

Sitting beside his Secretary of State Antony Blinken, and addressing over 50 Countries, Biden said, “We have to stand for justice and the rule of law for free speech, free assembly, a free press, freedom of religion, for all the inherent human rights of every individual,”.

  • Biden announced plans for the U.S. to spend up to $424 millions around the world to support Independent media, anti-corruption work and more.

Indian Prime Minister Mr Narender Modi also participated in the summit virtually .

The PM said that the  “four pillars of Indian democratic governments” are “sensitivity, accountability, participation and reform orientation”.

Major countries like Russia, China, Saudi Arabia have not been invited to the summit.

Pakistan was invited to the summit but it chose to back off from the summit over the fear that it will offend its close ally China. 

Summit for Democracy

This is a virtual summit hosted by the United States of America to “renew democracy at home and confront autocracy abroad”.

  • 111 nations were invited to join this Summit Virtually.
  • Dates : 9-10 December 2021

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