Per capita income rose in real terms by 33.4% since enactment of NFSA: Center inform Supreme Court

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Per capita income rose in real terms by 33.4% since

The Central government on 11 November 2022, informed the Supreme Court that the per capita income of the population in India has increased in real terms by 33.4 per cent since the enactment of National Food Security Act (NFSA) in 2013.

In an affidavit filed before the top court, the Union government said this rise in per capita income of people has taken a large number of poor households to higher income class.

The affidavit was filed in response to a Supreme Court ordered comprehensive survey of migrant labourers who faced extreme hardship and loss of jobs during corona induced lockdown in 2020. 

Main points of the government response 

  • The overall national ceiling under NFSA is 81.4 crore beneficiaries and a few states are yet to reach their state ceiling. 
  • Actual national coverage is nearly 79.8 crore as on August 31. Under NFSA ceiling, there is still scope for adding approximately 1.6 crore beneficiaries for Antyodaya Anna Yojana and priority households categories.
  • About 4.7 crore ration cards, which is equivalent to about 18-19 crore individuals, have been added in the last 8 years (2013-2021) under NFSA.

National Food Security Act 2013(NFSA)

The Public distribution system in India is covered under the National Food Security Act 2013.  It was implemented on 10 September 2013.

  • It covers all the State and Union Territories in India.
  • The scheme is administered by the Union Ministry of Consumer Affairs Food and Public Distribution.
  • The Act provides for coverage of up to 75% of the rural population and up to 50% of the urban population for receiving subsidized foodgrains under Targeted Public Distribution System (TPDS), thus covering about two-thirds of the population.
  • Food Grains are provided to beneficiaries in two categories, Antodaya Anna Yojana (AAY) and Priority Household (PHH).
  • The Antodaya Anna Yojana beneficiaries get 35 kg of foodgrains per month and the Priority Household gets 5kg per person per month.
  • The beneficiary gets rice at Rs 3 per kg, wheat at Rs 2 per kg and coarse cereals at Rs 1 per kg

Per capita Income 

It is used to determine the average income of a person of a country. It is calculated by dividing the National income of a country by its population.

The Per capita Income of India in 2021-22(on Net National Income basis) was Rs 91481.

Source National Statistical Office 

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