World Maritime Day

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Every year, on 24 September, World Maritime Day is observed by the International Maritime Organization (IMO) and other international organizations.

Important facts

  • World Maritime Day was first observed in March 1978. At that time it was celebrated to mark the IMO Convention.

  • The IMO Convention was adopted in 1948 at the International Conference held in Geneva.

  • Earlier the IMO was called the Inter-Governmental Maritime Consultative Organization.

Significance of the day

  • About 80 percent of the world's trade takes place through the sea.

  • It provides low-cost transportation of goods and is thus vital for promoting sustainable maritime development.

  • India celebrates its Maritime Day on 5th April. It was celebrated for the first time in 1964.

  • The Indo-Pacific Initiative is India's current maritime initiative. The initiative is supported by Australia, Japan and Thailand.

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