2023 Breakthrough Prize winners announced

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On September 22, the winners of the 2023 Breakthrough Prize, called the Oscars of Science, totaling more than $15 million, were announced.


  • This year three awards were given in the Life Science category while one award each for Mathematics and Physics.
  • Daniel Spielman of Yale University was awarded the Breakthrough Prize in Mathematics for his many discoveries in theoretical computer science and mathematics.

  • Clifford Brangwyn and Anthony Hyman (British scientist) won the Life Science Prize for their discovery of a new mechanism of cellular organisation.

  • Other life science prizes were awarded to Demis Hassabis (British scientist) and John Jumper (USA) for developing AlphaFold, which predicts the structure of proteins, and Emmanuel Mignot (France) and Masashi Yanagisawa (USA)  for discovering the causes of narcolepsy.


About Breakthrough Prizes :

  • The Breakthrough Prizes were started in 2010 by a group of Silicon Valley entrepreneurs.

  • These Prizes were founded by Sergey Brin, Priscilla Chan and Mark Zuckerberg, Yuri and Julia Milner, and Anne Wojcicki. 

  • These prizes are the most richly endowed prizes in science, the prize money of which exceeds that of the Nobel Prizes.

  • Breakthrough has an amount of $3 million in each prize, which is more than $1 million in prizes awarded to the winner of the Nobel Prize.

  • The awards are presented in the fields of life sciences, fundamental physics and mathematics.

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