Deadly Shigella bacteria cause Kerala food poisoning cases

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Recently, 58 people became ill after eating food from a dhaba and one girl died. Shigella sonnei bacteria are believed to be the reason behind the incident of suspected food poisoning in Kasaragod district of Kerala.

  • Since the test results found the presence of Shigella sonnei bacteria, the water source used for the restaurant will be inspected.

  • Steps are being taken to conduct diarrhoea surveys, chlorination of drinking water sources and cleanliness checks at food preparation and distribution centres as part of preventive measures.

  • However, the presence of E.coli and coliform bacteria were found in the food samples.

  • Testing to check the presence of shigella and salmonella bacteria is under way.

  • About Shigella sonnei bacteria

  • Shigella sonnei is a species of Shigella.

  • Along with Shigella flexneri, it is responsible for 90% of cases of shigellosis.

  • Shigella sonnei is named after Danish bacteriologist Karl Olaf Sonne.

  • It is a Gram-negative, rod-shaped, nonmotile, non-spore forming bacterium.

  • Shigella is one of the leading bacterial causes of diarrhoea and intestinal infection worldwide.

  • Some common symptoms of Shigella infection include diarrhoea, abdominal pain, fever, vomiting, fatigue, and blood in the stool.

  • It is spread through contaminated food and water and can also be spread by direct contact with faeces from an infected person.

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