Elisabeth Bourne appointed new Prime Minister of France

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French President Emmanuel Macron has named Elisabeth Born as the country's new prime minister.

  • She is the second woman to become prime minister in France. Prior to this, Edith Cresson took the responsibility of the post of Prime Minister in 1991-1992.

  • French Prime Minister Jean-Casteux resigned in a move expected after Emmanuel Macron was re-elected, with 61-year-old Elisabeth Born as the new prime minister.

  • Born was Labor Minister in Macron's previous government since 2020. Earlier she had also been the Transport Minister.

  • In France, Macron and Bourne are likely to appoint a full government in the coming days.

  • About France -

  • France is a country located in Western Europe

  • It is the largest country in the continent of Europe in terms of area.

  • Capital- Paris

  • President- Emmanuel Macron

  • currency - euro

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