Government directs Automobile Industry to produce flex-fuel vehicles in India

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 Union Minister for Road Transport and Highways Nitin Gadkari has  asked automobile manufacturers to manufacture flex-fuel vehicles(FFV) and  flex-fuel   strong hybrid electric vehicles (FFV-SHEV) complying with BS-6 norms within six months.

  • This is part of the government effort to reduce its dependencies on fossil fuel like petrol, diesel,CNG in vehicles. 
  •  This will reduce greenhouse gas emission from the vehicle and help India in achieving its commitment to reduce the total  projected carbon emission by one billion tonnes by 2030.
  • It will also reduce import of petroleum as a fuel.

Flex Fuel Vehicle

  • FFVs are vehicles that are capable of running on more than one fuel variant. 
  • Flex fuel vehicles are capable of running on a combination of 100% petrol or 100% bioethanol and their blends.
  • Hybrid Electric Vehicles have both the conventional internal combustion engine (which uses petrol or diesel as fuel )and   an electric motor which is stored in a battery.

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