India beats South Africa in Women's Lawn Bowls Final to win first-ever gold medal

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In the Commonwealth Games 2022 being played in Birmingham, the Indian women's team defeated South Africa in the final 17-10 to win the gold medal in the lawn ball event.

Important facts

  • This is the first time that India has won any medal in this event in the Commonwealth Games.

  • The Indian team includes 42-year-old Lovely Choubey (Lead) of Ranchi, 41-year-old Pinky (Second) of Delhi, 34-year-old Roopa Rani (Skip) of Ranchi and 32 years old Nainmouni Saikia (Third) of Assam.

History of Lawn Ball in Commonwealth Games 

  • Lawn ball was included in the Commonwealth Games in 1930.

  • India took part in lawn ball for the first time as a host at the 2010 Commonwealth Games in Delhi.

  • India's lawn ball team has participated in the Commonwealth Games four times, but has not won any medals in the last three times.

  • The record for winning the most gold medals in lawn ball is held by England, who has won 21 gold medals, while Scotland is in second place with 20 gold.

Lawn Ball Game

  • Lawn ball is an outdoor game in which a ball is thrown on the field i.e. that ball is rolled and pushed forward by the player.

  • This ball is made of rubber, wood or any other material and can weigh up to 1.59 kg.

  • A key word in this game is jack. The aim of the players is to get the ball as close to the jack as possible.

  • The player whose jack is closest gets the point.

  • The length of the jack is about 23 metres.

  • The game is usually played on a flat lawn, approximately 40–42 yards (37–38 m) across.

  • Lawn ball games can include teams of singles, doubles, three and four players. During this time, there are separate teams for both men and women.

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