India launches ‘Urban Wastewater Scenario in India’

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Denmark and the Indian Delegation launched a Whitepaper on ‘Urban Wastewater Scenario in India’ at International Water Association (IWA) World Water Congress & Exhibition 2022 in Copenhagen, Denmark on 14 September.


Urban Wastewater Treatment Scenario :

  • 80 percent of household water is discharged into sewage.

  • According to statistics, 78 percent of sewage water remains untreated and is discharged into rivers, groundwater or lakes.

  • In India, only 10  percent of all sewage generated is treated. 

  • 32  percent of urban households are connected to a piped sewer system. 

  • An alarming 70  percent of urban wastewater remains untreated in rivers and seas.

  • Therefore, urban waste water management has become a major concern for the city authorities.

  • There is a dire need to take concrete steps to create a sustainable model of growth and development in sync with the environment and ecology.

Highlights of the White paper :

  • Need for wastewater treatment

  • Scope for improvement and augmentation in existing infrastructure and technologies

  • Methods for public participatory approach

  • Smart technologies for rapid data collection 

  • Spread and build capacity through training and stakeholder apex bodies to enhance the efficiency of urban wastewater treatment for India.

  • This white paper is part of the Green Strategic Partnership between India and Denmark with a focus on green hydrogen, renewable energy and wastewater management and their bilateral relations.

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