Japan to train 1000 Indian engineers for bullet train project

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Japan has decided to provide specialized training to 1,000 Indian engineers ahead of starting work on the high-speed rail track system for the Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Corridor (MAHSR).

Important Points:

  • National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) has signed an MoU with Japan Railway Technical Service (JARTS) to operationalize bullet trains in the country.
  • Work on the high-speed rail track system will be started only under this agreement.
  • The bullet train being built between Mumbai and Ahmedabad will use a ballastless slab track system, similar to that used in the Japanese Shinkansen high-speed railway. Because the Japanese Shinkansen high speed railway will be used in the Indian bullet train.
  • The ballastless slab track system is known as J slab track system.
  • The Japanese track system is one of the best in the world and its construction requires a very high level of skill from all the technicians.
  • According to the National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited (NHSRCL) in this regard, the track is the most important part of the HSR system and needs to be laid with a very high degree of precision.
  • For this purpose, 20 Japanese experts will provide intensive training to Indian engineers, supervisors and technicians and certify their skills.

Mumbai-Ahmedabad High Speed Rail Corridor (MAHSR):

  • The total length of the corridor between Ahmedabad and Mumbai is 508 km, of which 348 km falls in Gujarat and 156 km in Maharashtra. The remaining four kilometers will fall in Dadra Nagar Haveli.
  • A total of 12 stations will be set up in the journey between Ahmedabad and Mumbai, of which eight stations will be in Gujarat and four in Maharashtra.

Rajendra Prasad, MD, National High Speed Rail Corporation Limited

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