Money spider, ant-mimicking spider discovered at Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

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A money spider found in European grasslands has been spotted in the Muthanga range of Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary for the first time in the country by researchers from Christ College (Kerala).

  • Researchers have also discovered ant-mimicking spiders belonging to the group of jumping spiders from the Muthanga range.

  • About Money Spider

  • The money spider belongs to the family of dwarf spiders under the genus Prosoponoides.

  • It has been named Prosoponoides biflectogynus.

  • So far only six species of spiders belonging to this genus have been identified worldwide.

  • Male and female money spiders are usually 3 mm to 4 mm long.

  • Both males and females are dark brown in colour with irregular silver and black spots on their oval belly.

  • Females build triangular webs between dry tree twigs and feed on small insects, while males prefer to hide under dry leaves.

  • Two or more males can be found in the web of a single female spider.

  • About Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary

  • It was established in 1973.

  • Wayanad Wildlife Sanctuary (Kerala) is an integral part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve.

  • The Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve was the first biosphere reserve in India to be included in the UNESCO-designated World Network of Biosphere Reserves in 2012.

  • Other wildlife parks that come under this reserve include Mudumalai Wildlife Sanctuary, Bandipur National Park, Nagarhole National Park, Mukurthi National Park and Silent Valley.

  • The Kabini River (a tributary of the Kaveri River) flows through this sanctuary.

  • Other major sanctuaries that have been in discussion recently

  • Ramgarh Vishdhari Tiger Reserve (Rajasthan) - 52nd Tiger Reserve of the country has been declared.

  • Khijadiya Bird Sanctuary (Gujarat) - designated as a wetland site of international importance under the Ramsar Convention.

  • Aravalli Biodiversity Park (Haryana)- India's first “Other Effective Area-Based Conservation Measures” (OECM) site has been declared.

  • Bandhavgarh Tiger Reserve (Madhya Pradesh) - India's first hot air balloon wildlife safari launched.

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