"Courting India: England, Mughal India and the Origin of Empire": Nandini Das

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The book titled "Courting India: England, Mughal India and the Origin of Empire" is authored by Nandini Das, Professor of English Literature at the University of Liverpool.

An Overview of the News

  • The book explores the cultural and literary exchange between England and Mughal India in the early modern period.
  • The book highlights the influence of the publication of Richard Hakluyt's "Principal Navigations, Voyages, Traffic and Discoveries of the English Nation" on Britain's perception of itself as a heroic seafaring nation.
  • The book highlights the challenges faced by English merchants in finding new markets after their excommunication by Pope Pius V in 1570.
  • The book focuses on Thomas Roe's four-year mission as the English ambassador to the court of the Mughal emperor Jahangir in India in 1615.
  • The book takes readers on a journey through the dark, wood-panelled rooms of Jacobean England and the elaborate courtyards of Mughal India.

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