Digital Quality of Life Global Index - 2022

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The British Virgin Islands' based VPN service company released its Digital Quality of Life (DQL) Index 2022 on 12 September which included 110 countries.


  • Denmark topped the index for the second year in a row while the five worst-ranked countries are Ethiopia, Cambodia, Cameroon, Guatemala and Angola.
  • Of the ten countries with the highest scores in the index, six are European countries.

  • India ranks 59th in the overall parameters of the index.

  • China has jumped 16 places to 22nd. Pakistan is at 97th position while Bangladesh is at 103rd position.

Five digital parameters :

  • Internet affordability - It measures how much time people have to spend to buy an internet connection. India has ranked 47th on this parameter.

  • Internet quality - The survey measures the speed and stability of mobile and broadband internet connectivity in a country. The report places India at 67th rank.

  • Electronic infrastructure - The survey measures the development and inclusion of electronic infrastructure in a country. India ranks 91st on this parameter.

  • Electronic security - This parameter assesses how prepared a country is to combat cyber crimes and protect one's online privacy. India is on the 36th spot on this parameter.  

  • Electronic government - It seeks to gauge how modern and digitized a country's government services are by measuring the government's online presence and the use of artificial intelligence technology for the public good. India has ranked 33rd on this parameter.

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