Honda motorcycle to launch fully ethanol run two wheelers in 2025

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World’s largest motorcycle manufacturer company Honda has announced that it will introduce ethanol-only motorcycles in India in the year 2025.

The Japanese company is the first company in the world to introduce a bike powered by an eco-friendly fuel mixed with bio-ethanol and petrol.  It was first introduced in Brazil in March 2022.


Ethanol fuel based Bike :

  • Initially Honda will introduce E 20 fuel bikes having a fuel content of 20 percent ethanol mixed with petrol in 2023.
  • It will introduce an E100 fuel bike having a fuel content of 100 percent ethanol in 2025.

Biofuels in India :

  • Bio fuel is the fuel obtained by mixing hydrocarbon based fuel with agricultural produce. In India, Ethanol obtained from molasses (produced during the production of sugar from sugarcane) is mixed with Petrol.

Target set by government of India :

  • Under the national Biofuel policy 2018 as amended in 2022, the government of India has set a target of:
  • 10% blending of petrol with ethanol by 2022
  • 20% blending of petrol with ethanol by 2025-26
  • 10% blending of ethanol with diesel or biodiesel by 2030.

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