ESA launches 'Euclid Space Telescope' to review solar system bodies

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ESA-launches-'Euclid-Space-TelescopeThe European Space Agency (ESA) has launched the specially designed Euclid Space Telescope to review solar system bodies and obtain new information.

An Overview of the news:

  • Through this telescope, the scientist will prepare a three-dimensional map of billions of galaxies spread over a wide area of 10 billion light years of the universe.
  • Also, it is expected that its observations will help in solving the mysteries of dark matter and dark energy.
  • This teslascope is named after the Greek mathematician Euclid.
  • This telescope will be installed at a distance of about 1.5 million kilometers from the Earth by going to the second Lagrange Point (L2) and from there it will also be able to observe those waves which are difficult to reach the surface of the Earth.
  • The goal of the Euclid teslascope is to create the most accurate three-dimensional map of the universe by observing billions of galaxies that span an area of 10 billion light-years.
  • The age of this campaign has been kept at six years.
  • Through this detailed map, scientists will be able to collect a lot of data to solve the mystery of the expansion of the universe and will get a lot of information about its development.
  • In the past, the James Webb Space Telescope has also been established near the Lagrange 2 point.

Uses of Euclid Telescope:

  • Euclid consists of a 1.2 m diameter principal mirror, a near infrared spectrometer, and a photometer. It is heavy about 2 tons heavy.
  • Through this, pictures of space, spectroscopy, and photometry can be obtained in the near infrared spectrum.
  • A sunshield will act to protect the telescope from solar radiation and keep its temperature constant for accurate measurements.
  • This telescope will make important contributions to the study of human resources, global health, climate change, and oceans.

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