Kerala’s Nilambur and Thrissur join UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities

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The Indian cities of Nilambur and Thrissur in the state of Kerala have joined the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.


  • The global cities group also includes some of the most developed cities - Beijing, Shanghai, Hamburg, Athens, Incheon, Bristol and Dublin.
  • The cities in the list will benefit immensely from the exchange of ideas and solutions for development with other cities.

  • As per the announcement, a total of 78 cities from 44 countries have joined this list of UNESCO.


About Nilambur :

  • Nilambur is a major eco-tourism destination of Kerala.

  • It is mainly characterized by different socio-economic patterns and a mix of urban and rural populations.

  • It aims to promote sustainable development, gender equality, inclusivity and democracy through community ownership.

  • The city aims to ensure employment opportunities and UN Sustainable Development Goal-2 of 'Zero Hunger'.

About Thrissur :

  • It is known as the cultural capital of Kerala state. 

  • It is also a major destination for some of the renowned educational and research institutions.

  • It is famous for the jewellery industry.

  • The main objective of Thrissur is to provide solutions and ideas on issues related to equitable access to education.

The UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities :

  • It is an international policy network that paves the way for the development and progress of other cities by sharing ideas and innovations on a global platform.

  • Warangal also joins UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities

    • Warangal, the second largest city of Telangana, has joined the UNESCO Global Network of Learning Cities.

    • The Rudreshwar Temple (also known as Ramappa Temple) located at Palampet in Mulugu district, near Warangal, was inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage Site list in July 2021.

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