MF Hydra: World's first liquid hydrogen ferry

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MF Hydra: World's first liquid hydrogen ferry

Norwegian company Norld launched the world's first ferry to run on MF Hydra liquid hydrogen.

An Overview of the News

  • The vessel, named MF Hydra, is a hybrid and uses both batteries and liquid hydrogen fuel cells for power.

  • The Norwegian Maritime Authority (NMA) granted approval to operate the yacht.

  • An important step towards reducing greenhouse gas emissions in the marine industry.

  • Hydrogen fuel cells produce only clean water as a byproduct, making them an environmentally friendly option for powering ferries and other marine vessels.

  • The MF Hydra was to be delivered in 2021 and measures 82.4 metres in length, with a passenger capacity of 300 and a capacity to carry 80 vehicles.

  • It uses two 200 kW fuel cells, two 440 kW generators and two Shottel thrusters to reach a speed of 9 knots.

  • The hydrogen system was provided by Linde Engineering, the fuel cell by Ballard and the battery by Corvus Energy. The ferry was completed by Westcon and systems integrator SEAM.

About Norway

Capital- Oslo

Currency- Norwegian Krone

King- Harald V of Norway

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