Point 5140 at Dras sector named as Gun Hill

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Point 5140 in Dras, Kargil Sector has been renamed as Gun Hill, to celebrate the victory of the Indian Armed Forces and to pay tribute to the supreme sacrifice of the Gunners in "Operation Vijay".

Important facts

  • The Artillery Regiment of the Indian Army, with lethal and precise firepower, was able to make an impressive impact on the enemy troops including Point 5140, which was a key factor in the early completion of the operation.

  • Captain Vikram Batra captured 'Gun Hill' on 20 June 1999 on the strength of the valour of his comrades and hoisted the Indian tricolour.

  • The Army has now renamed Point 5140 hill in Dras sector as 'Gun Hill' in memory of the decisive role of Bofors-like cannon and gunners in the victory of Kargil war.

Operation Vijay (Kargil War)

  • The Kargil War, popularly known as 'Operation Vijay', began on 3 May 1999 and ended on 26 July 1999.

  • It was an armed conflict between India and Pakistan that took place in the Kargil district of Ladakh and other places along the Line of Control (LoC).

  • It was fought for over 60 days (between May and July 1999) and finally India regained control of all its territories.

  • In the 60-day long struggle, the victory of Tiger Hill was one of the significant achievements.

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