State of the World’s Birds Report

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According to the State of the World's Birds report, populations of 48% of all bird species are declining globally, mainly due to man-made factors such as loss or degradation of habitats, changes in land use, overexploitation and climate change.

  • The report is published by Manchester Metropolitan University.

  • It is a study of changes in the biodiversity of birds and describes the risk to birds around the world.

  • The study draws from BirdLife International’s latest assessment of all birds for the International Union for Conservation of Nature’s Red List.

  • Key findings of the study

  • The study found that 5,245 of the extant bird species worldwide, or about 48%, are in decline or are suspected to be in decline.

  • 4,295 or 39% of the species have stable trends.

  • About 7% or 778 species have increasing population trends. 

  • The study indicates that 1,481 or 13.5% of species are currently threatened with extinction globally.

  • More threatened bird species (86.4%) have been found in tropical regions than in temperate latitudes (31.7%).

  • The main hotspots are tropical Andes, southeast Brazil, eastern Himalayas, eastern Madagascar, and Southeast Asian islands.

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