US announces 775 million dollars additional military assistance for Ukraine

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On August 19, the United States government announced additional military aid of up to $775 million for Ukraine.


  • This is the 19th Presidential Drawdown Authority (PDA) package that the US Department of Defence has provided to Ukraine since August 2021.
  • The USA will provide Ukraine with ScanEagle surveillance drones, mine-resistant vehicles, anti-armor rounds and howitzers to help the Ukrainian military retaliate against Russian invaders.

  • The US sent eight HIMARS to Ukraine - which significantly strengthened Ukraine's defence against Russian weapons depots.

  • The US has promised to send four more HIMARS.

  • In the context of the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the US is helping Ukraine's military by providing them with weapons to strengthen it.

  • The latest aid comes as Russia's attack on Ukraine turns six months old.

HIMARS — a key weapon against Russia :

  • The US-made High Mobility Artillery Rocket System is known as HIMARS.

  • The M142 HIMARS system (High Mobility Artillery Rocket System) is a modernized, lighter and more agile wheel-mounted missile for US and allied forces. 

  • The use of HIMARS has been effective in deterring Russian military positions.

  • It can hit targets up to 70 kilometres away. 

  • Ukrainian troops can deploy this wheeled, high-tech lightweight rocket launcher outside the range of most Russian artillery.

US’ military aid to Ukraine :

  • This military assistance forms part of a long history of US support to Ukraine.

  • On 24 February this year, Moscow launched an invasion of Ukraine.

  • The United States has committed about $9.8 billion in security assistance to Ukraine.

  • Since 2014, the United States has given Ukraine more than $11.8 billion in security aid.

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