Kharchi Puja Festival 2022

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Kharchi Puja or Kharchi Puja is a Hindu festival of Tripura. In this festival, 14 Hindu deities are worshipped, who are considered to be the deities of the Tripuri people.

  • Important facts

  • The festival includes 14 deities- Shiva, Durga, Vishnu, Lakshmi, Saraswati, Kartik, Ganesha, Brahma, Abadhi (god of water), Chandra, Ganga, Agni, Kamadeva and Himadri (Himalaya).

  • Kharchi Puja is mainly a tribal festival but its origin is from Hinduism.

  • The annual 'Kharchi Puja' and festival is meant to cleanse the sins of mortal souls.

  • Kharchi Puja is the biggest festival for the Hindu tribals in the Northeast region.

  • Thousands gather from all over the country and neighbouring Bangladesh to attend the 'Kharchi Puja'.

  • The temple of 14 deities was built during the reign of Maharaja Krishna Manikya.

  • This is an age-old tradition that has been celebrated since around 1760 AD.

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