World Chagas Disease Day: 14 April

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World Chagas Disease Day: 14 April

World Chagas Disease Day is observed every year on 14 April to raise awareness about the deadly disease caused by the Trypanosoma cruzi parasite.

An Overview of the News

  • The theme for World Chagas Disease Day 2023 is "Time to integrate Chagas disease into primary health care" to encourage universal care and surveillance at the most decentralised level of the health system.
  • The disease is commonly known as American trypanosomiasis, the silent disease and mainly affects people living in rural areas with poor sanitary conditions, especially those who are poor.
  • In humans, the disease is transmitted by the triatomine bug, commonly known as the kissing bug.
  • Without treatment, Chagas disease can cause severe heart and digestive changes and can be fatal.
  • Chagas disease can be transmitted to humans through various means such as consumption of contaminated food, blood transfusions, or contact with infected wild animals.

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