INDIA-RUSSIA signed MoU on DAP fertilizers supply


Why in the news?

India on 12 October signed a long-term memorandum of understanding with Russia on DAP fertilizers supply.

What is DAP?

  • Di-ammonium Phosphate popularly known as DAP is a preferred fertilizer in India because it contains both Nitrogen and Phosphorus which are primary macronutrients and part of 18 essential plant nutrients. 
  • It is a very popular fertilizer because of its excellent physical properties and nutrient content. 
  • DAP is almost water-soluble and ultimately leaves acid effect on soils because of ammonia (NH4) it contains


  • DAP Contains 18% Nitrogen and 46% Phosphorus.
  • IUPAC Namediammonium hydrogen phosphate
  •  chemical formula: (NH4)2(HPO4)

Key Points:

  • To stabilize prices of DAP, which is increasing continuously due to high demand.
  • To minimize dependence on countries such as Jordan, Morocco, China, etc.
  • India is the largest importer of DAP in the world
  • China is the largest exporter in the world
  • Russia comes under the top five exporters of DAP.
  • After Urea DAP is used on a big scale in India


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