Iniochos-2023 international exercise to be held in Greece from April 18

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An international exercise named Iniochos-2023 is going to take place in Greece from 18 April. In which the world's deadliest fighter jets will be included.

An Overview of the News:

  • The main objective of this exercise is to live up to the high standards during the war and understand all the dimensions of air attack.

Organized in three phases:

  • It will be organized from 18 April to 8 May 2023 in three phases:

    • Phase I: April 18 to 23
    • Phase II: April 24 to May 4
    • Phase III: May 5 to May 8

Countries participating in Iniochos-2023:

  • In this, apart from India and Greece, fighter aircraft of many countries like America, France, Italy, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Slovenia, Cyprus, Spain will also be included.

India's eye on F-16 fighter aircraft:

  • During this, the Indian Air Force will get an opportunity to practice with the F-16 fighter aircraft (this aircraft is also with Pakistan). He will get a full opportunity to test his ability and skill during the battle. Whereas, there is still no official information from India.

These will be practiced:

  • In this exercise, offensive counter operation, defensive counter operation, strategic air operation, exercise of air support to ground forces, exercise of air support to navy, search, combat search and rescue, exercise of destruction of vital targets of the enemy, there will also be an exercise to protect your important bases.

Highlights of the Iniochos-2023 exercise:

  • Apart from India's Sukhoi Su-30MKI fighter aircraft, Greece's F-16 and Rafale fighter jets, Cyprus' AW-139 helicopters, France's Rafale, Italy's Tornado, Jordan's F-16, Saudi Arabia's AU- 15, Slovenia's PC-9, Spain's EF-18 and America's MQ-9 Reaper drones will participate.
  • Apart from this, officers from Austria and Canada will witness the entire exercise.

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